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23 Things Tumblr Has Thought About The Weasley Family

If you ever feel bad about yourself, remember that Arthur would be absolutely obsessed with you.

1. This reminder of how much Molly put up with:

2. And this amazing look into her thought process:

3. This idea that explains a lot:

4. This reminder of what amazing parents Arthur and Molly were:

5. This post that shows how Percy grows as a person (you're still allowed to think he's a prick though):

6. This accurate vision of Ginny as a parent:

7. And this even more accurate vision of the twins if they had the internet:

8. This inspiration for some excellent fanart, because how dare they:

9. This look at the whole series from Molly's point of view:

10. This amazing fact about Tonks and the older Weasley boys:

11. This fact about names that proves how lovely the Weasleys are:

12. ...despite this very ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ choice:

13. This plot point that doesn't add up, or maybe it does:

14. This trick of the eye:

15. This inspiration to knitters everywhere:

16. And this one:

17. This reminder that Molly is a hardened killer when she needs to be:

18. This quick way to lighten your mood:

19. This reminder of how wonderful Arthur is:

20. And this one:

21. This perfect new year's resolution:

22. This funny thought that actually makes no sense because Fred didn't die, no siree, didn't happen:

23. And this easy way to feel better about yourself: