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    This Scruffy Little Rescue Dog Is Allergic To Humans

    But he still wants your love.

    Adam the dog has a problem with you.

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    The rescue dog, who's being looked after at the Lucky Dog Retreat Rescue shelter in Indianapolis, is allergic to humans the same way that many people can be allergic to dogs.

    The shelter found him, took him in, and couldn't work out why he wasn't getting better despite a whole lot of pampering.

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    Eventually they got some blood work done and discovered his surprising allergy.

    He still likes humans to give him treats, though.

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    And will even accept a rub on the belly.

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    So humans are good for something, at least.

    The shelter has raised money to help the poor pup, and may be able to cure him soon.

    Veterinarians have come up with a serum which they say will help him get over his human dander problem through a course of allergy shots.

    "Sorry, I can't come over, I'm allergic to your human." – Adam the Dog

    RTV6 / Via

    You can watch the whole video here.

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