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This Policeman Filmed Dancing To Taylor Swift In His Car Is An Inspiration To Us All

In an emergency, just call 1989-11. This post has been updated with an important Taylor Swift tweet.

The Dover, Delaware, police department has shared a dashcam video of an officer dancing to Taylor Swift's "Shake It Off" in his car.

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And while we don't know if the video is fake, or if this officer's a genuine Swiftie, we can't help but be inspired by the way he gets down to Tay Tay.

When this guy gets down, he gets down.

Dover Police Department / / Via

Click the sound icon for full effect.

He shakes it right off. / Via Dover Police Department /

He shakes it all the way off the steering wheel, at times. / Via Dover Police Department /

"Hella good hair."

Never missing a beat.

Even when someone spots him.

Fighting crime, delivering swift justice to the people. / Via Dover Police Department /

Making that face.

Haters gonna hate.

TMZ has now suggested the video did not come from original dashcam footage but was deliberately created by officers to celebrate the success of the force's Facebook page and to try and "show a lighter side to law enforcement".

Regardless, it doesn't really detract from the brilliant performance by Master Cpl. Jeff Davis, as Swift herself noted on Sunday: