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    Watch This Orchestra Perform While Eating The World's Hottest Chili Peppers

    It was going pretty well until they all started gagging and crying.

    Here's a Danish orchestra playing nice music while eating some of the world's hottest chili peppers.

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    Chili Klaus / Via

    I know, right?

    Basically, there's this Danish comedian, Claus Pilgaard, who calls himself Chili Klaus. Because he is a chili pepper enthusiast.

    He gets Danish celebrities, or large crowds of people, to eat the world's hottest chili peppers, and then films them doing activities or simply losing their minds. His YouTube channel is mesmerising.

    For this experiment, he conducts the Danish National Chamber Orchestra playing the "Tango Jalousie".

    Here they are all popping the peppers.

    Chili Klaus / / Via

    Look how pleased everyone is.

    At first, things seem ok.

    Chili Klaus / / Via

    Then the sweating and weeping begins.

    Chili Klaus / / Via


    Oh dear.

    As soon as they finish, it's a bit of a horror show.

    Chili Klaus / / Via

    Before the experiment, this violinist told Chili Klaus, "I think chili is a good ingredient to have in many parts of your life, and also in music."

    Chili Klaus / / Via

    This is him collapsing on the stage after the performance

    Thank you, Chili Klaus.