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    This Comedian Has The Perfect Comebacks For All Women To Use

    Can't think how to respond to a dickish comment? Claire Ayoub is here to help. H/T to Ms. Magazine.

    Comedian Claire Ayoub has done us all a great service in her new YouTube show, A Series of Comebacks.

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    She knows that most of the time, when someone says something sexist, mean, or downright awful, you don't think of the perfect comeback until "three days later, while boarding a plane to Antarctica."

    So, what should you say if someone says you look "tired" – you know, in that way? / Via Claire Ayoub /

    Just say: "It's exhausting being a badass bitch."

    What if someone asks you if you're really going to eat all that ice cream? / Via Claire Ayoub /

    Just say: "You have no idea how many calories I burn putting up with your shit!"

    What if someone asks you that dreaded question of why you haven't had children yet? / Via Claire Ayoub /

    Claire says you should chuckle, have them lean in close, and say, "THE WORLD ISN'T READY FOR MY SPAWN."

    And what if someone calls you a fatass in the street? / Via Claire Ayoub /

    "Just dangle him, dick first, over a tank of piranhas."

    Thanks, Claire. We'll get right on that.

    Watch all of the episodes here, and tweet Claire (@intoosteep) with all your comeback needs.