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23 Things You'll Only Understand If You Hit Snooze At Least 5 Times Every Morning

Livin' that snooze life.

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3. In that moment after your first alarm, you fantasize about the wonderful ways your life would improve if you were a morning person.

That's why you set your alarm a full HOUR before you actually *need* to be up.

4. And in that moment you have actually dreamed about getting up, bright-eyed and alert and ready for the day.

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The moment between your first alarm's second snooze and your second alarm's first snooze is a beautiful and promising place.


19. But you did snooze, and now you've gone and screwed your whole day.

20. You're a five-or-more snoozer, and that means you're the kind of person who does this.

Proof I'm not a morning person. Yes that is milk on my toast.