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32 Things You Realise When You Become A Feminist

It's basically one epiphany after another. Including a lot of stuff which should have been obvious all along.

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4. You realise that you can be an ass-kicking feminist whether you like to paint your nails and wear six-inch red patent heels or have literally never worn makeup.

7. You cannot believe the outrageously sexist nonsense that is still being spewed in 2014. / Chip Somodevilla / Getty Images

Especially when important, powerful, and supposedly intelligent people are doing the spewing.


11. You wish more people understood that feminism is a good thing for boys and men. / Via

In a feminist utopia, boys can cry as much as they want.

13. Meanwhile, you realise that the beauty industry is completely mad.

Dove / / Via

Epiphany: Not only do you look great the way you are, but it doesn't actually matter how you look.


14. You consider whether your parents treated you differently because of your gender when you were growing up – and whether they still do today.


25. And start thinking about the ways that the oppression of women can intersect with racism, homophobia, classism, transphobia, and all kinds of other fucked-up shit.

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