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    18 Things Feminism Has Destroyed

    RIP love. We hardly knew ye.

    1. Marriage.

    2. Your sex life.

    Yes, yours.

    3. Chivalry.

    4. (And good old fashioned manners.)

    5. Nice guys.


    Mean guys are the only types of guy left.

    6. Love.

    Love has been destroyed forever. RIP Love.

    7. Romance.

    Romance is dead, and all we're left with is handshakes and high fives.

    8. The cabinet and the public sector, killed in cold blood by feminism.

    Everything's in the private sector now, guys.

    9. Free speech.

    10. Women.

    11. Real human men.

    Only robot men exist now.

    12. THE FAMILY.

    13. Campus ~courtship~.

    Again, there are only handshakes and high fives left.

    14. The ability to cook in one's home.

    You can still order takeout, though.

    15. Masculinity and feminity.

    16. The middle class.

    17. The environment.

    RIP all the fishes and the plants and the trees.

    18. And finally, civilisation itself.

    RIP everything.

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