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19 Things That Make 2016 Seem Relatively OK

Britain's had some shitty times.

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1. There's a lot that's bad about 2016, but at least this hairstyle has gone out of fashion.

Archive Photos / Getty Images

No offense to Benedictine monk and court poet John Lydgate, or his very 1410 hair.

3. People don't have to stand for hours for ridiculous portraits, and instead can send a Snapchat directly to their crush.

Archive Photos / Getty Images

Though shout out to this naval commander's great pose in 1700.


9. No matter how bad your 2016 was, it probably wasn't as bad as Titus Oates's 1668

Archive Photos / Getty Images

Titus Oates invented a story of a totally fake plot by Catholics to murder the King. He was convicted of perjury and sentenced to public whipping, pelting with eggs, being stripped naked and paraded around town, and other such punishments.


18. You have absolutely no chance in 2016 of bumping into this Welsh bard, anywhere, for any reason, and having him make this face at you.

Hulton Archive / Getty Images

Sorry sorry sorry all Emrys Myrddin fans, I'm sure he was lovely.

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