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The 31 Most Pointless Things Of All Time

Everything is pointless and we should all just give up.

1. This hand rail.

2. This completely secure gate.

3. The most worthless cable in the world.

4. This building.

5. These enlightening subtitles.

6. This handy pedestrian crossing.

7. This extremely useful ramp.

8. Benches reserved exclusively for people who can teleport.

9. This pole.

10. This crucial French/English translation.

11. This windshield wiper.

12. This handy sign.

13. This life-saving fire escape.

14. And this very effective fence.

15. These stairs to nowhere.

16. And these stairs from nowhere, to nowhere.

17. These definitely waterproof wellies.

18. This very useful bus stop.

At least it has a smiley face.

19. This helpful sign.

20. This banana guard.

21. This fan that had one job.

22. These parking spaces which were so close to having a point.

(But then didn't.)

23. Absolutely everything about this sign.

24. This contraption which allows for people to run outside.

25. These lovely and practical drawers.

26. This impressive feat of landscape design.

27. Toilet stalls built for nothing less than near privacy.

28. This door which is definitely not a health and safety risk.

Not at all.

29. This very encouraging cycle lane.

simon / Via Flickr: red5standingby / Creative Commons

30. This peephole.

For undetectable peeping.

31. And of course, the most pointless (yet delightful) machine of all time.

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