The 31 Most Nail Care Emoji Moments Of 2014

    This was the year of the nail care emoji.

    1. The πŸ’… emoji was pretty much the most important emoji of 2014. It has many meanings.

    2. For example, when you really need to do your nails.

    3. Or when your nails look exactly like πŸ’….

    About damn time I got around to this 💅

    4. But the πŸ’… emoji was there for us in 2014 whether or not we had long pink nails.

    5. For example, you can use it when you're drinking from a sassy mug.

    6. Or when you're keep your priorities straight.

    7. Or when you're moving on.

    8. It's there to help you with all your sickest burns.

    9. And when the lyrics are on point.

    10. All the lyrics.

    11. When you're looking after yourself it's always very πŸ’….

    12. When that shit cray it's πŸ’….

    13. And when you're just fine on your own.

    14. When it's Monday and you're F L A W L E S S it's πŸ’….

    On Mondays I am F L A W L E S S 💅

    15. When you're going to bed it's like πŸ’….

    16. When your hair is on #fleek it is obviously an extremely πŸ’… situation.

    17. Mommy time is best when πŸ’….

    18. Flannel Friday is the most πŸ’… day of the week.

    19. Not having school is πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’….

    20. Having cool friends is πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’…πŸ’….

    21. πŸ’… is an emoji for the empowered soul.

    22. The kind of person who beats a personal record is extremely πŸ’….

    23. πŸ’… is for when you DGAF.

    24. And when you're just not bothered.

    25. And when you feel like crap, but in a sassy way.

    26. And of course, for when you're all done up.

    27. It's for when you-un care.

    28. And when you're damn funny.

    29. And when you know you're hot AF.

    30. But also very useful when it's the World Cup.

    31. But without a doubt, this is the most πŸ’… moment of 2014, and probably of all time.