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The Milifandom Is Reacting To Election Night With Despair

Things aren't looking good for Ed Miliband's teenage fans so far. UPDATE: Labour was crushed, and Miliband resigned – but he thanked the Milifandom for their support in his speech.

According to the national exit poll, the Conservatives are predicted to win 316 seats to Labour's 239.

Needless to say, members of the Milifandom – an online Ed Miliband fan community – are not at all happy.

Seventeen-year-old Abby, the Milifandom's leading figure on Twitter, is reacting in disgust.

Makes me feel sick to my stomach to think of another 5 years of the Tories. Absolutely sick.

"Not good looking at the exit poll," Abby told BuzzFeed News. "Feel sick. Feel like crying."

Terrified for my country. Absolutely terrified.

But she's still staying up to watch the result.

#Milifandom in South Ribble @SRLabour @V_L_Bennett fingers crossed!

Just hoping and praying the exit polls are wrong. At least it can only really get better.

Elsewhere in the Milifandom, things have got...dark.

drinking game: take a shot for every seat the tories get and hopefully we'll all be dead from alcohol poisoning by next week

Meanwhile, some Labour supporters on Twitter are blaming the Milifandom for Labour's predicted poor showing.

If Labour don't win I'm 100% blaming the milifandom because of how dumb it was and how stupid it made labour look

If Labour don't win then the milifandom is partly to blame because it make Labour seem like a fucking joke

I think it shows that people on twitter were just following the crowd with the milifandom

#milifandom didn't save @Ed_Miliband

Others are continuing to defend the online movement.

It's funny how everyone says the 'milifandom' makes Ed seem unprofessional like David doesn't look like Iggle Piggle and Nigel,a stray pube.

all the #milifandom staying strong right now

the milifandom have worked hard to promote labour for the past 3 weeks, so if labour dont win then we are not the problem thank u

i hope the milifandom stays in tact when the election is over, we're like a little family now tbh

These two are in for a long night, at least.

This morning, as it became clear that the Conservatives would win a majority, things took a turn for the worse for Abby and her fellow teen fans.

Think it's a mix of having no sleep, exams next week, and Ed probably resigning but I literally cannot stop crying.

I'd only just STOPPED crying ffs Ed :'(

But then, in his resignation speech, Ed thanked the Milifandom.

Perhaps the girls will feel a little better now.

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