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    42 Slightly Gross Things All Female Best Friends Have Secretly Done

    It's not true love if you haven't sent a toilet Snapchat.

    1. Described the frequency, texture, and smell of your poops to each other.

    2. Peed in the same stall to save time and keep the gossip flowing.

    3. Borrowed each other’s underwear if one of you has stayed overnight unexpectedly.

    4. Farted together in enclosed spaces for a laugh.

    5. Explained weird sex stuff in detail: “And then they stuck their finger right HERE. Imagine!”

    6. Described in gross detail what, exactly, you would do to what part of your crush.

    7. Complimented how each other’s boobs or other body parts are looking. “I’m really living for this cleavage, Jan.”

    8. Blocked each other from view when one of you had to roll up your tights or pick a wedgie in public.

    9. Pulled out each other’s weird spiky chin hairs when you’re out without a mirror. Or just too lazy to do it yourself.

    10. Claimed each other’s farts as your own, especially if your friend’s crush is nearby. Like a hero making the ultimate sacrifice.

    11. Offered each other an item of your clothing, like a sleeve, to wipe their snot and/or tears.

    12. If one of you has dropped food on the floor, the other one picking it up and saying, “I’ll still eat it.”

    13. Picked each other’s spots.

    14. Done up each other’s zips while putting on tight clothing, as both of you shout, “HHNNNGGGG IT'S NOT GONNA MAKE IT”.

    15. Pointed out your weird ingrown hairs so the other one can marvel at them.

    16. Competed to see who can burp louder.

    17. Competed to see who can do a longer fart.

    18. Trapped each other under a duvet that contains a fresh fart.

    19. Had dinner together and gotten so full you had to undo the button of your jeans.

    20. Then eaten dessert anyway, and had to fully take them off.

    21. Smelled each other’s pits, just to check.

    22. Cleaned up the drunker one’s vomit. Off the toilet, off the floor, or even out of their hair, if things went really wrong.

    23. Recognised each other’s smell. “Oh, Natalie must have just been in this bathroom, that’s her stench.”

    24. Stuck your gross feet in each other’s faces to be funny.

    25. Checked each other for spots in hard-to-see places.

    26. Just sat around the house all day, never going out, and mostly lying on the floor eating snacks and groaning.

    27. Shared a toothbrush. Maybe just once. In an emergency.

    28. Done nose strips together and compared the little blackheads you yanked out.

    29. Gone for waxes together, for moral support.

    30. Screamed for your friend to bring you more toilet paper when you got caught without it.

    31. Complained about stomach pains and told them how much you just need a giant fart and/or poo.

    32. Picked bits of food off each other’s teeth. Who needs mirrors?

    33. Checked each other’s ears and noses for gross treasures.

    34. Said “I have terrible breath” and then just breathed in your friend’s face to prove it.

    35. Texted each other while sitting on the toilet.

    36. Snapchatted selfies while sitting on the toilet.

    37. Had a full-blown phone conversation while sitting on the toilet.

    38. Eaten messy food together without even bothering to keep your mouths shut while chewing. There’s just too much to SAY. Why bother?

    39. Described the most horrible parts of an illness to each other, giving WAYY too much detail about what came out of where, how frequently, and with what force.

    40. Created a distraction by dancing wildly if your friend started vomiting on a night out.

    41. Lain around in front of the TV together drumming on your stomachs or just scratching yourselves.

    42. Poked each other’s bums to see the results of their exercise regimen. Or just for no reason at all.