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27 Signs You're A Bit Of A Hoarder

This used teacup is supposed to be on this old phonebook. That's where it lives.

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1. You understand that someone would have to be a complete monster to ever throw away a stuffed toy.

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Especially one that was your favourite, second favourite, third favourite, fourth favourite, or 45th favourite toy as a child.


22. You would give away some books, if it wouldn't offend the characters inside them so much.

You're not going anywhere, Mr. Darcy.

23. And you obviously have to save your old textbooks.

Your children and grandchildren might need them someday.


25. You still have cassette tapes.

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Because what if the internet goes down, and then your iTunes stops working, and then your CDs are destroyed in a flood, and you could really use some music to make you feel better?