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    27 Signs You're A Bit Of A Hoarder

    This used teacup is supposed to be on this old phonebook. That's where it lives.

    1. You understand that someone would have to be a complete monster to ever throw away a stuffed toy.

    2. You're sure that each and every one of these cables and chargers is probably vital.

    3. You always keep these. Just think of all the money you'll save.

    4. Same goes for little packets of artificial sweetener.

    5. You believe that no amount of leftover food is too small not to keep for later.

    6. You save your slightly-used bar soap from hotel rooms.

    7. In fact, all half-used toiletries are indispensible.

    8. You have a drawer, cupboard or entire closet filled with plastic shopping bags that you will definitely remember to take with you on the next grocery run.

    9. You could never get rid of an old phone.

    10. You know that anyone would be a terrible friend not to keep old letters and birthday cards.

    11. You swear you can't wait for a quiet evening to spend re-reading old magazines.

    12. You keep all of your old schoolwork.

    13. Pens of any kind are too useful to dispense with.

    14. You don't understand why anyone would throw away worn-out shoes.

    15. You could never throw away a ticket from a concert, film or sporting event.

    16. You have all the food you need to get you through a natural disaster.

    17. There is way too much sentimental value attached to your old T-shirts to ever get rid of them.

    18. You feel guilty for throwing away things that you probably could have used for crafting or something.

    19. You're sure that any day now you'll fix that broken toaster.

    20. You will never find out which is your favourite shampoo brand unless you try them all.

    21. You know that every time you save a piece of wrapping paper, you're really saving the Earth.

    22. You would give away some books, if it wouldn't offend the characters inside them so much.

    23. And you obviously have to save your old textbooks.

    24. You're pretty sure that you're not even ALLOWED to throw away used batteries.

    25. You still have cassette tapes.

    26. When you actually DO manage to throw something away, you make this face.

    27. Anyway, people just don't understand that everything is actually exactly where it's meant to be.