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27 Signs Your S.O. Is A Spy

This is how you can tell your S.O. is a spy, according to stock photos.

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1. Your significant other wears unflattering wooly jumpers. / Getty Images

2. On most weekends, your S.O. can be found wearing sexy red dresses and dancing with a gun.

Ostill / Getty Images

3. It's 2015 and your significant other still uses a landline.

Ysbrand Cosijn / Getty Images

4. Your partner wears trench coats 365 days a year.

Jani Bryson / Getty Images

5. Your significant other exits all rooms by rappelling out the window while clutching an indestructable briefcase.

Moodboard / Getty Images

6. Your significant other wears lots of hats.

Purestock / Getty Images

7. Your significant other's favourite activity is reading large newspapers in parks.

Christopher Robbins / Getty Images

8. Your S.O. just loves watching other people play video games.

Nensuria / Getty Images

9. Your S.O. goes up to people on the phone and puts a glass on their heads.

Fuse / Getty Images

10. Whenever you decide to go on holiday together, your S.O. always suggests climbing ladders in the countryside.

Moodboard / Getty Images

11. Your partner often visits libraries, but never checks out any books.

Fuse / Getty Images

12. Your significant other insists on wearing sunglasses when it is not sunny, and uses an umbrella when it is not raining.

Felix Mizioznikov / Getty Images

13. You have only ever seen your partner's eye through a keyhole in a wall made out of technology.

Nevarpp / Getty Images

14. When you call to your S.O. that dinner is ready, he simply tears a hole in the wall with his bare hands, and stares at you.

Moodboard / Getty Images

15. When you ask him nicely to empty the dishwasher, he does the same.

Korionov / Getty Images

16. Your S.O. frequently drives to windfarms and looks through binoculars in low-cut blouses.

Eyecandy Images / Getty Images

17. When she is not at windfarms, she crawls with her binoculars through hedgerows with her bum in the air.

Ron Chapple Stock / Getty Images

18. When someone asks your S.O. why he insists on rappelling out of windows, he draws a gun on them.

Moodboard / Getty Images

19. Your S.O. is a nightmare at picnics.

Zoonar Rf / Getty Images

20. When you suggest visiting your parents as a couple for the weekend, your significant other simply puts on a pair of fishnet stockings, sits with her massive gun, and closes her eyes.

Idal / Getty Images

21. Your significant other has been known to emerge from iPads to look at people with binoculars.

Frankpeters / Getty Images

22. Your significant other is constantly looking at a tiny man standing in the palm of his hand through a magnifying glass.

Digital Vision. / Getty Images

23. When you ask your S.O. for computer help, he will usually just crawl underneath the desk with his mouth open.

Fuse / Getty Images

24. Every single date night, your S.O. climbs into a wheelie bin on the way to the restaurant, starts taking pictures, and makes you late for your reservation.

Felixrenaud / Getty Images

25. When your S.O. covers himself with grass and goes for a walk with his binoculars, he never comes back in a good mood.

Razoomgames / Getty Images

26. You have never seen your significant other's face.

Frank Peters / Getty Images

27. And finally, your significant other has a camera instead of a head.

This is a sure sign that your significant other is a spy.
Minerva Studio / Getty Images

This is a sure sign that your significant other is a spy.