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    25 Signs You Had No Chill As A Child

    Some of your most vivid childhood memories are of losing.

    1. Family games of Monopoly would inevitably turn you into a monster.

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    If your cousins can't handle your ruthless capitalism they probably shouldn't even be playing.

    2. And if you were ever playing a trivia game and got something wrong, it made you feel physical pain.


    Perhaps you still feel this way as an adult at pub quizzes.

    3. At school, you were not good at keeping your cool when you knew the answer to something but it wasn't your turn to speak.


    4. Hermoine was the most relatable character for you in all of Harry Potter.

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    For better or for worse.

    5. You had big ambitions for yourself from a very young age.

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    Such as being Prime Minister and winning a Nobel Prize.

    6. There was nobody you competed with more intensely than your sibling.

    7. The rules were different with your sibling.

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    You could get away with a lot more.

    8. They were the only one you didn't even try to cover up your competitiveness with.

    It's widely known that you're allowed to be a dickhead with your sibling.

    9. You were, of course, a very keen student.

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    But you didn't care about learning so much as destroying the competition.

    10. You never dealt well with getting an average grade.


    11. And if you ever actually failed anything, you refused to accept it.


    It probably led to an argument with your teacher.

    12. You were probably quite involved in student politics.


    Student elections were the purest expression of your competitiveness, and also looked good when you were applying for uni.

    13. Which meant that you learned to talk yourself up early on.


    People probably thought you were bossy, but they were probably just jealous tbh.

    14. And anyway you knew when you grew up YOU'D SHOW THEM.


    15. If you DIDN'T win a student election, a competition, or an award, you probably overreacted.

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    "My life is over. I'll never amount to anything."

    16. You also never dealt well with second place.

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    It's the first place loser, after all.

    17. You never understood the concept of letting a younger kid win.

    How are they gonna learn about the real world that way?

    18. Even kids that were much younger than you.

    Life isn't fair, children.

    19. You probably cared way too much about some team or another.


    20. Your motto at friendly neighbourhood competitions was "I didn't come here to make friends."

    21. There were some upsides to your competitiveness, like all the exercise you got.

    22. Swingsets were not about having fun. They were about who could swing the highest.

    23. Some of your most vivid childhood memories are of the bitterness of defeat.

    24. In fact, you probably got your competitiveness from your parents.

    25. But at least you've totally grown out of it as an adult!

    Or not.

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