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31 Reasons Your Bed Is The Best Friend And Sweetest Lover You Will Ever Know

In your life, you have loved, lost, and loved again. But deep down, you knew there was always only one for you.

1. You've known a lot of loves in your life...

2. But something about them was never 100% right.

Chilllll bro.

3. But there was one friend, one lover, one soul, who always got you, and was always there for you.

4. Bed.

Anikasalsera / Getty Images

5. Bed always looked so beautiful in the afternoon light.

6. Bed knew just how to hold you.

7. Bed wanted to watch the same shows as you, every time.

8. Bed didn't get weird about posting selfies of you together on social media.

9. Bed didn't care what you were wearing.

10. Bed loved you just the way you are.

11. Bed made you feel beautiful.

12. Bed was great with children.

13. Bed didn't mind staying in all day and watching Netflix.

14. Bed knew just how to make you smile.

15. Bed cleaned up real good, but looked just as gorgeous all messy and casual.

Isuaneye / Getty Images

16. Bed never got jealous – even if you wanted to sleep with some beautiful other bed on holiday every now and then.

17. Bed loved animals, just like you.

18. Bed was there for you when you were sick.

19. Bed didn't ask questions if you got back late.

20. Bed loved to hang out and drink coffee.

21. Bed was great at helping you with your work.

22. Bed brought out your intellectual side.

23. Bed was romantic.

24. Bed was ready to settle down, and make a commitment.

25. Bed didn't get all weird about meeting your parents.

26. The way bed smelled set your heart racing.

27. Bed made you happy, every day and every night.

28. Gary was never like that.

M-imagephotography / Getty Images

29. Samantha never made you feel that way.

Mihhailov / Getty Images

30. That's why you know, deep down, that bed was (and still is) your one true love.

31. You wish you knew how to quit bed.

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