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    27 Pictures That Will Make All British People Say "Me"

    All of these photos are actually you.

    1. This is you from May to August.

    2. And this is you when it snows.

    3. This tube announcement is you putting up Christmas decorations when you just can't be bothered.

    4. This is you when things are looking up.

    5. And this is you deciding what to have when drunk.

    When you're in the chippy deciding what to have.

    6. This is you and your parents.

    7. This is you on your way to work every morning.

    8. And this is you when you finally get a seat and need to claim your space.

    9. This is how Americans see you vs. what you're really like.

    10. And this is you in the shower.

    11. This is you when you went to uni or moved town.

    12. This is you when people start talking about Brexit.

    We have to stop saying Brexit, because Stan thinks we are saying biscuits.

    13. And this is you hearing about the news generally.

    14. This is you when you're feeling middle class.

    15. ...But this is you when you go to a party with ridiculously posh people and they start speaking to you.

    16. This is you when you're in a photo next to someone with American teeth.

    17. And this is you reflecting on British cooking.

    18. This is you when it rains but you forgot your umbrella.

    19. And this is you as soon as the sun comes out.

    20. This is you when you've had a bad day.

    21. And this is you when you decide to brave a British beach.

    22. This is you whenever you're in a car in a city.

    23. And this is exactly what it looked like when you were born.

    Amazing! Photographer captures rare moment of a Londoner being born.

    24. This sign is you trying to maintain some order when your life is falling apart.

    25. And this sign is you trying to be a mature adult.

    26. This is you expressing your emotions.

    27. And this is you being polite, no matter how much it hurts.