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34 Photos That Will Satisfy All Perfectionists

The end of this post has a peach getting peeled, and you're going to love it.

1. Why hello there, pancake.

2. Oh, you are square, aren't you, watermelons?

3. Thank you for your service, tube.

4. Pyrite has always been the only mineral that really understands you.

5. Look at these beans: You're going to be OK.

6. Let us all stop to enjoy the perfect snowball.

7. And the perfect purchase.

8. The perfect tree.

9. And, oh, yes, the perfect snack.

10. How about this once-in-a-lifetime moisturizing experience?

11. How about this peel?

12. There there, now, child – the apps have been arranged.

13. And these books are all in order.

14. Somewhere out there is the beautiful genius who did this.

15. And this bartender, who just gets it.

16. Ah, these peppers.

17. No, wait – this pepper.

18. The exam set-up so perfect it would be impossible to fail.

19. The batteries who were destined to live in this storage bin.

20. The clean, perfect shwoop of this paper cutter.

21. That circle.

22. The perfect game of Snake.

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23. The most efficient filing system in the entire world.

24. Yes. Yes. Nnnnnnnrrrrgggghhhh.

25. These pretzels just wanted to say hello, and that it's going to be all right.

26. And that some things were simply meant to be.

All the fries in the bag #oddlysatisfying

27. Like forks and mac and cheese.

28. Peeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeel.

29. Life should be a series of Symmetry Breakfasts.

30. Or at least an easier to achieve symmetrical breakfast.

31. The world is a fresh carton of ice cream.

32. Order out of chaos. Sunshine after rain. Circle out of shoes.

33. Box into box.

34. Be calm, children, and behold: The skin is being peeled from a perfectly ripe peach.

Thank you, world.