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    23 Photos That Will Make Every Girl Cringe

    I'm sorry but this post contains an eyelash curler incident.

    1. Getting your hair tangled in a hair tie.

    hair tie is stuck in my hair & my sister isn't here to get it outπŸ†˜

    2. Or stuck in a seatbelt.

    Happy Wednesday! ;-) #LongHairProblems #ThatHurt #FirstWorldProblems #ImOKThough #FunTimes @LongHairProbss


    3. This horror.

    This is the worst thing that can happen to a girl. Especially if it's your real nail😠 #fml

    People who joke about girls crying over broken nails have never really properly broken the fuck out of a nail.

    4. The feeling of your underwire bursting free and stabbing you repeatedly in the boob.

    Today, the underwire in one of my favorite bras broke through the cloth, forcing the bra into retirement.

    5. Doing this at the worst possible moment.

    The worst thing that can happen to a girl on the way to the gym .......

    6. Getting your eyebrows done and having a liiiittle chunk of your face fall out.

    I knew I was right to yelp in pain during eyebrow threading when the lady TOOK A CHUNK OF SKIN OUT. #ouch

    7. This happening when you wear a new pair of flats.

    8. Or what can happen to your foot if you trip in heels.

    9. This feeling. 😭😭😭


    10. The way your legs stick to seats like this on a hot day.

    11. Finding this in your bag.

    Why lord 😭😭😭😭😭😭 this has to be the worst thing that can happen to a girl. 😒😭😭😭😭 I wanna cry.

    12. Which leads to this.

    13. This nightmare.

    never again will I ever use an eyelash curler.

    14. This pretty impressive curler burn.

    15. And this poor babe actually LOSING her hair to the wrath of the curler.

    Tori Locklear /

    Curlers must be stopped.

    16. Not being able to untangle a necklace from your hair without sacrificing at least 10 hairs in the process.

    My necklace got stuck in my hair by entering thru 1 of the impossibly small slits in a chain link nothing makes sense

    R.I.P. those 10 hairs.

    17. Or even worse, sacrificing about 1,000 hairs to this.

    Actually nothing worse than getting your hair stuck in the back of the hair dryer 😭

    R.I.P. those 1,000 hairs. You will be missed.

    18. Trying to peel off some dry skin from your lip and getting more than you bargained for.

    Peeling dry skin off your lip is not such a good idea 😫

    19. This piece of equipment, and what it's for.

    Herzstaub / Getty Images

    (Pictured here for some reason on a mossy rock??)

    20. And if you're a lady ~of a certain age~, the cold clamp of THIS particular machine.

    Bartekwardziak / Getty Images

    Get checked, ladies!

    21. Realising you look like this halfway through the day...


    22. ...which is at least a little better than getting mascara on your ACTUAL EYEBALL.

    23. And lastly, catching your nail in a razor. (WARNING THIS IS A TERRIBLE, NASTY, BLOODY PHOTO.)

    R.I.P. EVERYTHING. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

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