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    22 Pictures That Prove Cambridge In Spring Is The Absolute Best

    You may be stressed about exams, but at least there are loads of flowers!

    1. After the icy winds of a Cambridge winter, it's such a relief when the first snowdrops appear.

    2. Next, the little crocuses come up.

    3. Then, the daffodils come out.

    4. And they're absolutely EVERYWHERE.

    5. But you know you're into proper springtime when you see the tulips.

    6. Even if you're stressed with work or with studying, you can't help but stop and appreciate the trees putting on a show.

    7. In sprintime, the sunsets get better.

    8. So even if you're stuck in the library studying for exams, at least you get a pretty view.

    9. It's finally not too freezing to punt...

    10. ...although it suddenly may be a bit crowded on the river.

    11. Or you can take out a couple of kayaks and feel sporty.

    12. The Cambridge botanical gardens in spring are at their absolute best.

    13. And perfect for a wander.

    14. Or, you can just take a walk along the river.

    15. It starts getting dark so much later, so you can stay late in the evening on Jesus Green.

    16. And it's finally nice enough to study outside.

    17. You can relax with a drink outside a pub with a view.

    18. Or treat yourself to a massive meal outside.

    19. And don't forget late May brings the beer festival to Cambridge.

    20. So you can add to your collection of these glasses.

    21. And eat exactly 1,000 fresh doughnuts.

    22. So even if you've got a hundred things to do, at least you can do it surrounded by flowers.