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    17 People Who Had The Last Laugh

    "I told you I was ill."

    1. Mitchell, who was honest.

    2. Edith, who was sick of everyone's whining.

    3. Paul, who always wore a smile.

    4. John, whose friends hated him back.

    Mononc' Paul /Flickr: themensp via Creative Commons
    Mononc' Paul /Flickr: themensp via Creative Commons

    5. Pancrazio, who was bad at his job.

    6. Esther, displeased even in death.

    7. Bill, who was a political man.

    8. Robert, who was careful in his work.

    9. Steve and Anya, who left a special "fuck you" for the debt collectors.

    10. George, who was never afraid to say "I told you so".

    11. Joan, who was grumpy.

    12. Ellen, who met an ironic end.

    13. Merv the TV host, who always told the truth.

    14. This person, for whom nothing was ever good enough.

    15. Joseph, who only ever wanted the people he loved to shut up.

    16. This man, who definitely isn't bitter at all.

    "In 1958 a contest was held to find the meanest woman in the world. Alas I married both the winner and the runner up ... But if either are buried in this lot beside me there is going to be a resurreciton."

    17. And, of course, Spike Milligan's famous epitaph, which reads in Gaelic:

    Peter Macdiarmid / Getty Images

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