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23 Photos From Around The World On International Pillow Fight Day

People are beating each other up all over the world today, but in a soft and fluffy way.

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1. It's International Pillow Fight Day, which means that people are gathering in the world's major cities to do this:

2. They're doing it in London's Trafalgar Square.

5. And in Utrecht, The Netherlands.

Nice! World pillow fight day #Utrecht #bringiton #domplein


Los! World Pillow Fight Utrecht @ Domplein @CreatingBuzznl @MauritsRiton

8. This soft blanket of feathery snow has covered the Piata Universitatii in Bucharest, Romania.

10. And things are looking similarly snowy in Budapest, Hungary.

12. It's a full-on blizzard in Amsterdam's Dam Square.

15. And the same in Hong Kong.

18. Berlin is really going for it, too.

20. And in Vienna, Austria, it's a fair fight.

21. Paris seems to only have a few fighters, but they're taking no prisoners.

22. On International Pillow Fight Day, you can safely get out your rage.

23. Just look how much better these two feel post-fight.

It's not too late for residents the Western Hemisphere: Find out if your city has a pillow fight here.

Or, of course, you could always grab a pillow and a friend.