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35 People Who Probably Won't Be Voting UKIP

We have a hunch that these people are not turning out for UKIP on May 7. But you never know!

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1. This person who has recently decorated their ashtray.

2. This person who has a way with words.

3. This person who has no qualms about using a blowtorch indoors.

4. This person who thinks outside the box.

5. This person who doesn't seem pleased with Shelley Wilson.

6. And this guy who's not very happy with Oliver.

7. This person seems to prefer a nice barbeque to UKIP.

8. Yeah, if we had to bet, we wouldn't bet that UKIP has won this person's vote...YET!

9. There's a chance this person's a devil worshipper, in which case, they *might* be voting UKIP.

10. Although this person seems much less likely.

11. You should not put money on this person voting UKIP.

12. Same for this woman, probably.

13. This guy is like a 60% chance of not voting UKIP.

14. But this person who tore it up AND gave it the finger is much less likely.

15. This person may not be Harry Boota's *biggest* fan, but that doesn't mean Harry should stop trying!

16. Oh dear. No, this person's not likely to vote UKIP this time around, either.

17. Same for this person who frankly doesn't seem to hold health and safety standards in high regard.

18. This person is actually only a 30% chance of not voting UKIP. Don't give up!

19. This person is either an avid recycler, or just definitely not a UKIP voter.

22. This person loves stomping but probably does not love UKIP.

23. This person is probably not a UKIP voter – or maybe they just already committed that leaflet to memory!

24. This guy has not YET been won over by Margot.

25. 25% chance of not voting UKIP.

26. This dog owner will probably not vote UKIP this time around, however, this dog is considering it.

27. This dog, however, is a staunch supporter of the Conservative Party.

28. Ted shouldn't count on this guy's vote.

29. Same for Ray, we'd wager.

30. Yeah this person is probably a lost cause for UKIP, at least for this election!

31. This person has a spectacular manicure, but, again, will probably not be voting UKIP on May 7.

32. Perhaps this person has only just got home and trodden on these leaflets by mistake, or, perhaps, she is not a UKIP voter.

33. This person is PROBABLY not voting UKIP either, unless she just dropped it there accidentally.

34. It seems like this guy would rather drink dodgy tea for the rest of the week than vote UKIP on election day.

35. Yeah. This one's 100% not voting UKIP tbh.

Maybe in 2020 though!!