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    23 Pictures That Will Make You Feel Better For About 8 Seconds

    These pictures will soothe your soul for between one and eight seconds.

    1. This picture will make you feel peaceful for three seconds exactly

    2. These perfect autumn leaves will provide you with between four and seven seconds of comfort.

    3. This picture will soothe you for up to five seconds.

    4. The way these chairs fit perfectly into this table is worth exactly two seconds of peace.

    5. This will give you 1.5 seconds of joy.

    6. So will this cat.

    7. And this sloth who loves learning will make it all better for up to four seconds.

    8. Stare at these perfectly symmetrical flowers and feel ok.

    9. This kid's test answer will warm your heart for a brief but lovely moment.

    10. So will this one.

    11. This perfect sunset will cure what ails you.

    12. This picture of a cat sharing a moment with a large loaf of bread is exactly what your heart needs.

    13. Ah yes. Look at this hedgehog with a strawberry on its head and for five seconds you shall be well.

    14. This doggo will calm you.

    15. So will this one.

    16. But most of all this one. This doggo can provide nearly ten seconds of happiness.

    17. These two photos will warm your cold dead heart.

    Dev Patel reaction to Sunny Pawar, I have never see anything so pure #Oscars

    At least temporarily.

    18. This screenshot will absolutely cheer you up.

    19. This perfect replica of the Dark Side of the Moon album cover made with cereal will sort you right out.

    20. The crispness of these trees will inspire you to achieve ever higher levels of excellence.

    21. It's hard to know exactly what's happening here, however it will make your life better for at least five seconds.

    how i feel when im surrounded by all the beautiful wonderful women i call my friends

    22. This example of peak chinchilla performance will hearten you.

    23. And finally, this ridiculously perfect fox will fuck you up, in a good way, so that your entire life feels better.

    H/T Blessed Images on Twitter and r/OddlySatisfying.