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28 Photos That Will Give You Serious Relationship Goals

Warning: This post contains cute AF old people holding hands. BRACE YOURSELF.

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1. This couple who roll together.

2. And this one.

3. These two, who help each other get some exercise.

Every Tues I work in the RAC and almost cry bc this old couple walks the track while holding hands and it's so cute

4. This pair who know how to find the fun in everyday things.

5. Jan and her man.

6. These two, who pull out all the stops.

my grandma is in the hospital, but it's their 57th anniversary, so he showed up in a tux to surprise her w flowers😭❤️


7. These perfectly coordinated fashionistas.

8. These badasses who have reached the ripe old age of giving no fucks.

9. And these two, who know how to keep things cosy.

10. This couple who got to be on the news for the greatest reason.

cute old couple got on cnn because they found a duck shaped tomato in their garden

11. These two who like a sunny stroll.

12. And this couple who help each other down the street.

شيباني وعزوزته اليوم في طريق السور الصبح - #طرابلس :) Cute old couple walked past me this morning #Tripoli :)

13. This pair who love the great outdoors.

Cute little old couple I saw today

14. And this couple, who know how to keep things sweet (and matching).

15. This couple, who know how to spoil themselves.

adorable old couple getting their nails done together talking about being married for 66 yrs I'm crying

16. This couple sharing the burden.

18. And this couple who take walks holding hands.

19. This handsome pair, who've been together since the Vietnam War.

no YOU'RE crying (screw you @bimadew) --> Vows | Mr. Duckett and Dr. Jones

20. These two who still make each other laugh.

21. This couple visiting SeaWorld.

22. This pair of dancing partners.

23. This pair who know how to get their drink on.

24. And this pair who know how to get their dance on.

25. These two who look sharp as hell.

26. This pair who still go in search of an adventure.

27. These two, finally getting to celebrate equal marriage.

Paul Faith / AFP / Getty Images

28. And these two, who got married after being together for more than 50 years.

A great day for this great country. This is George Harris, 82 and Jack Evans, 85. Married in Dallas today #LoveWins