27 Cringey Yet Wonderful Jokes Only Classical Music Nerds Will Understand

    This list doesn't include an "I'll be Bach" joke.

    1. Oh, I see what you did there.

    2. At last.

    3. Absolutely nailed it.

    4. 10/10.

    5. The next three magnificent jokes come from the magical mind of this pianist/cartoonist.

    6. Bravo, sir.

    7. Bravo.

    8. Pretty much.

    9. Sick burn right there.

    10. Blimey.

    11. This Tumblr joke that went too far.

    12. This Tumblr joke that went too far, and then went even further...

    13. And this thread that went the furthest of all.

    14. A chart to tell you everything you need to know about opera.

    15. When you're in the club like:

    16. Rehearsal pain.

    17. Top notch joke right there.

    18. The previously undiscovered part to Beethoven's 5th.

    19. Ha, ha, ha.

    20. Thanks for this, Classic FM.

    21. Kay.

    22. This is what it looked like when classical music was cool.

    23. Simple, but elegant.

    24. 😕

    25. Take your time.

    26. Groaaann.

    27. Ok, that's enough.