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    17 People Who Totally Nailed The Whole Napping At Work Thing

    Embrace your afternoon sleepiness.

    1. For some jobs, napping at work is a dangerous affair.

    2. According to researchers, a solid 10-minute nap during the workday can increase productivity, as long as you wake up before the plane takes off.

    3. Oftentimes, what you lose in comfort, you gain in stealth.

    4. This guy was just about to stack these crossword puzzles, before he realised what a good blanket they would make.

    5. "Hey, where's John?" "Don't know — but someone left some legs."

    6. This person isn't really sleeping, he's just reaching for some supplies that fell down the back of the storage cupboard.

    7. To be fair, the goats are sleeping too.

    8. So close to a perfect 10/10 for stealth.

    9. Many champions of the workplace nap apparently don't need leg support.

    10. A tried and tested approach to the workplace nap. But even if it's a classic method, it's a terrible one.

    11. This attempt may not appear exceptional, put he did put down a bit of cardboard.

    12. Where this man lacks in creativity, he gains in absolute sadness.

    13. Same here.

    14. Nothing to see here, just a pile of discarded Wimbledon ball boys.

    15. Taking a nap during a televised interview shows true commitment to the cause.

    16. Politicians worldwide frequently express their support of napping at work.

    17. But the greatest workplace nap of all time can only go to this champion.

    All right, it's nap time.