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If Taylor Swift Lyrics Were About King Henry VIII

Boys only want love if it's torture. Inspired by this post on Tumblr, which is from the pretty awesome Tumblr PoliticiansAndHipHop.

1. Henry on his reputation.

2. Catherine of Aragon on her marriage with Henry.

3. James IV of Scotland, after losing at the Battle of Flodden.

4. Mary Boleyn, flirting with Henry to get some favour.

5. Henry meets Anne Boleyn, and is enamoured.

6. Though Catherine of Aragon has thoughts on Anne Boleyn.

7. The Pope, excommunicating Henry after he marries Anne.

8. Thomas More resigning in protest after Henry abandons the Catholic church.

9. Henry growing disappointed by Anne and her failure to bear him a living son.

10. Anne Boleyn on Henry when it all goes wrong.

11. And the inevitable happens. 😕

12. When Henry meets Jane Seymour.

13. Anne of Cleves is rejected by Henry for being 'too plain.'

14. Henry on Catherine Howard.

15. Catherine Howard on Henry, and knowing exactly what he needs to hear.

16. And then Catherine Howard to her secret lover.

17. Henry meets his final wife, Katherine Parr.

18. Henry on his general life philosophy.

19. But anyway...