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What Percentage Wedded To Free Movement Are You?

Find out if you're more or less married to the principles of freedom of movement than Labour.

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Some people were pretty unhappy about this announcement.

However, as the day went on and he made his speech, Corbyn's stance on immigration seemed less clear.

Crucially, Corbyn line on freedom of movement has changed, he's now saying they don't 'rule out' keeping freedom of movement

Original extracts did not have that line, merely said that Labour was not 'wedded to freedom of movement' as a principle, crucial addition

So while it's not totally clear how wedded or not-wedded Labour is to free movement, at least you can find out YOUR relationship status.

Jeremy Corbyn presents his carefully crafted new policy.

More questions will appear as you go along!

Hannah Jewell is a senior staff writer for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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