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    How To Do Science According To Stock Photographs

    If you're not wearing a white lab coat, you're not doing it right.

    So you'd like to be a scientist. But what does that really mean?

    DanComaniciu / Via Thinkstock

    A quick search of stock photography websites for images depicting "science" and "scientists" can help us find out.

    First, it's important to appreciate the important work that scientists do to benefit society.

    Hill Street Studios / Via Thinkstock

    There are many sides to science. Science can be absolutely hilarious.

    Allen Johnson / Via Thinkstock

    Science can be confusing.

    Allen Johnson / Via Thinkstock

    Science can be extremely sexy.

    Allen Johnson / Via Thinkstock

    Sometimes, science can be sexy and confusing at the same time.

    Noam Wind / Via Thinkstock

    For this reason, science education is deeply inappropriate for children.

    Ableimages / Via Thinkstock

    Children should be kept away from science at all costs.

    dimj / Via Thinkstock

    If children are allowed to do science, they will set their faces on fire every time.

    Andrei Kiselev via Thinkstock
    zorandimzr via Thinkstock

    Dogs, however, make excellent scientists.

    Rasulovs / Via Thinkstock

    Much important science is conducted while crouching in meadows.

    Goodluz / Via Thinkstock
    Noam Armonn / Via Thinkstock

    Without science, we would not know what happens when lobsters are submerged into green fluid.

    RazoomGames / Via Thinkstock

    What kind of people make good scientists?

    Don Bayley / Via Thinkstock

    Scientists must have terrible hair.

    RazoomGames / Via Thinkstock

    Scientists are also advised to smoke while they work.

    william casey / Via Thinkstock

    A good scientist always ingests his or her chemical experiments.

    Rostyslav Pietukhov / Via Thinkstock

    Scientists are terrified of microscopes.

    Stolk / Via Thinkstock

    Scientists are always stealing mannequins.

    Hope Milam / Via Thinkstock

    Scientists are only in it for the money.

    benstevens / Via Thinkstock

    Scientists have excellent posture, and they know it.

    Stolk / Via Thinkstock

    Scientists are usually drunk.

    Remains / Via Thinkstock

    Many scientists don't give a damn about their differently coloured fluids.

    RazoomGames / Via Thinkstock

    Sometimes, scientists put on enormous novelty glasses and check an egg for a pulse. When they do not find one, they become sad.

    Roger Carlsen / Via Thinkstock

    Sometimes they shout "YOLO!"

    Stolk / Via Thinkstock

    Scientists frequently consult a large red hen for advice about their research.

    Michael Blann / Via Thinkstock

    Scientists disguise themselves with silly noses and kidnap babies.

    RazoomGames / Via Thinkstock

    Scientists wear wigs and do science to small dogs.

    LUNAMARINA / Via Thinkstock

    Some scientists want to touch your breasts.

    Dario Lo Presti / Via Thinkstock

    But don't worry, because scientists always wear gloves.

    Don Bayley / Via Thinkstock

    Scientists take off their trousers and inject things into their own bums.

    Dzianis Rakhuba / Via Thinkstock

    Scientific disagreements are known to escalate quickly.

    Stolk / Via Thinkstock
    Stolk / Via Thinkstock
    Stolk / Via Thinkstock

    Congratulations, you're ready to do science!

    spflaum1 / Via Thinkstock

    Thanks, stock photos!

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