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    36 Times The Cosmos Aligned And Gave Us The Perfect Photograph

    These photos weren't luck. They were fate.

    1. The moment this kid got to wear a magical water-hat.

    2. When only the most perfect timing could capture the scope of this human drama.

    3. When this dog struck a most magnificent pose that he'd seen somewhere.

    4. This guy skydiving into Burning Man.

    5. This perfect ad.

    6. This moment, which probably became less amazing two seconds later.

    7. When the menu and the man were one.

    8. The Magnificent Dog-Bird.

    9. A frog on the go.

    10. This bubble-eyed whimsical monster.

    11. This kind of bleak reminder of summer fun.

    12. This woman who is possibly hinting at gift ideas.

    13. This perfectly-spinning tennis ball.

    14. The most unfortunate, or fortunate, moment to look down on a large yoga class.

    15. The queen, who doubles as a twenty-something guy down the pub.

    16. This breath of fresh hair.

    17. This shot, which makes you wonder how long the photographer was lying on her back in the middle of this courtyard.

    18. This bird come to say hello.

    19. The creepiest father of all time.

    20. The moment after the funniest joke this kid has ever heard.

    21. This incredible skygasm.

    22. The cow-dog.


    24. The googliest cat in the world.

    25. The moment before this guy realised he'd be needing a very expensive visit to the dentist.

    26. This very judgmental photobomb.

    27. This impending Nerf disaster.

    28. This super-cute jumping shot.

    29. When this kid knew he was a total playa.

    30. Whatever happened here.

    31. This cat, with impeccable comedic timing.

    32. This night out, just when everyone seemed to be having such a good time.

    33. The moment this woman realised she would not be enjoying her delicious slice of pie.

    34. This kitten who flew too close to the sun.

    35. The ultimate face of regret.

    36. And the most perfect hockey team photo of all time.

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