22 Things You Only Know If You've Been In A Relationship For Four Years

    You've made it through dumb arguments and dumber haircuts.

    1. If you've been with someone for four years, you're probably a LOT more comfortable with them than when you first started dating.

    2. By now, you know their food likes and dislikes down to the very last detail.

    3. You've been around long enough that your partner's family probably doesn't mind fighting around you.

    4. ...and you may even be asked to weigh in on their family matters.

    5. You've definitely ended up with a lot of their clothing over the years, and vice versa.

    6. In fact you probably know every single item of their wardrobe.

    What my girlfriend thought, first 4 dates: 1. Nice shirt. 2. Wow. A second nice shirt. 3. Okay, first shirt again. 4. He has two shirts.

    7. You've become totally comfortable with your partner knowing the real you.

    8. After four long years, you've probably made it through some bad haircuts.

    9. You have likely lost all self-consciousness about farting.

    10. In fact, farting may be competitive by now – or something to use as a bargaining chip in disputes.

    11. Romantic gestures are different than they once were, but no less meaningful.

    12. When you've been together for four years, you have DEFINITELY supported each other through some stomach illnesses.

    13. The word "intimacy" means something different than it did when you first started dating.

    14. Corny romantic lines probably make you roll your eyes nowadays, or feel a little suspicious.

    15. You know exactly what the other person is like in a fight.

    16. And you may do a bit more bickering than you once did.

    17. After so long, you'll be *very* used to sleeping in the same bed as someone – and have come up with a set of rules for how you sleep, spoken or unspoken.

    18. You are very, VERY good at speaking in code – or without words at all.

    19. Your single friend's dating horror stories make you incredibly grateful for your partner.

    20. Special dates are less intense and stressful than they once were.

    February 14th ain't nothing but a taco tuesday

    21. And the ways you try and impress them are way less over the top.

    22. It's nice to be with someone who knows you well enough that you can be weird together.