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17 Facts You'll Wish You Never Learned

Ignorance is bliss.

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1. There are tiny little skin mites that come out at night to have sex on your face.


Every night, while you're sleeping, millions of demodex mites are feeding off your skin, mating, and laying eggs in your hair follicles. Once they're done feasting and mating and laying eggs on you, they explode – because they don't have an anus to expel all of your delicious digested face skin.


5. There are tiny little creatures called threadworms (or pinworms) that infect about 20% of children and crawl out of their buttholes at night.

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This is their life cycle:

1. You swallow a pinworm egg.

2. The pinworm hatches and chills out in your intenstines.

3. The female pinworm exits your anus while you sleep.

4. And lays eggs around your anus.

5. This kind of itches.

6. So you scratch your butt, naturally.

7. Eventually after you do that, you're likely to touch your mouth, getting the eggs back into your digestive tract.

8. The circle of life continues, forever.


8. Regulators allow for certain amounts of something called "insect filth" in the food that we eat. But don't worry, the FDA will step in just as soon as it finds more than 90 insect fragments in a 100 gram sample of chocolate.