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    28 Faces All Cats Will Recognise

    You know what it's like when your human looks at other cats on Instagram.

    1. When your human hits that one spot.

    2. When someone cracks open the tin of jellied horsemeat.

    3. When your human is looking at other cats on Instagram.

    4. When you've been hitting the nip.

    5. When you will not be satisfied until you have murdered.

    6. When your human's friend comes round and doesn't think you're the cutest little thing.

    7. When you eat a moth and then you kind of regret it.

    8. When you eat several moths and then really regret it.

    9. When you do a little tiny kitty fart that no one can hear.

    10. When your human works from home.

    11. When your human has taken one too many selfies with you today.

    12. When you're watching a nature documentary and a lion cub dies.

    13. When your human doesn't think your fur is warm and luscious enough.

    14. When your human forgets that you know how to wash yourself.

    15. When it's Halloween and you hate everything.

    16. When you remember something horrible from your kittenhood.

    17. When you see your crush.

    18. When you see a dog.

    19. When you take a dump in your human's bed for absolutely no reason.

    20. When you're purposefully making a derp face so that your human will forgive you for shitting in their bed.

    21. When you find your human's keys that they've been looking for.

    22. When you're watching your humans have sex.

    23. When the sunshine hits you just right.

    24. When you're about to scratch the fuck out of your human.

    25. When you only got 12 hours of sleep last night.

    26. When you need to be put the fuck back down immediately.

    27. When you try to maintain a quiet sense of dignity against all odds.

    28. When you're just chilling out taking a selfie.

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