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17 Fabulous And Bizarre Outfits From The London Marathon

Shoutout to the guy who ran 26 miles as a hairy testicle.

1. A leggy ostrich.

2. Joe the nudist.

Stephen Pond / Getty Images /

3. Rhino Rory.

4. The TARDIS.

5. A casual dinosaur.

6. A barefoot Jesus.

Now I've seen it all. #Jesus @LondonMarathon @PSPASSOCIATION

7. A telephone box and a whoopie cushion.

A man dressed as a red London telephone box sails past the Cutty Sark #LondonMarathon

8. Humphrey the camel.

9. A bottle of London Pride

.@bazamin @LondonPrideZA Basil getting ready for the @LondonMarathon #extramile

10. A friendly telephone.

11. The Mona Lisa.

Stephen Pond / Getty Images

12. A cheerful ear and a nose.

13. Aladdin himself.

Stephen Pond / Getty Images

14. Elethon Man.

All set and raring to go! @ElethonMan @DSWT

15. Big Pink Dress man.

Stephen Pond / Getty Images

16. A presumably sweaty dog.

My fave marathon costume so far - slightly ahead of Mr. Testicles #LondonMarathon

17. And a happy, hairy testicle.

@jack_woodward92 the chap is running in this outrageous outfit

Run on, you happy nutsack.

See the results of the Virgin Money London Marathon here.

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