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These Are All The Places Labour Supporters Are Planning To Move To If The Tories Win

I hear Greenland is lovely this time of year.

The Conservatives are way ahead according to the exit poll, and Labour supporters are all asking the same thing:

Where's everyone going to move if the Tories win? #GE2015

France is nearby and easy to reach.

If Conservative win the election, I will happily move to France😊

Somalia sounds great.

If Tories stay well I was planning to move to Somalia anyway

Megan's looking for someone to join her in Sweden.

if the tories win someone move to sweden w me

Scanrail / Getty Images

Maybe she can meet up with Susanna.

if labour win the election I swear I'll pack my bags and move to Sweden

They can both enjoy a nice cup of tea with Cassi and talk about their memories of Britain.

See I think conservatives plan is to piss everyone off so much with their policies so that if they get in we'll all move to Sweden

Spain is just lovely.

I may pull out my uni application and move back to spain if the Tories stay in im not even joking at this point

Scotland has gained some new English immigrants tonight.

If conservatives win we should all move to Scotland and vote for independence

Top Google UK search term tomorrow: "how easy is it to move to Scotland?"

Otmar Winterleitner / Getty Images

Dubai and Fiji sound pleasantly far.

I'm generally upset as well that people can vote for conservatives, I hate this society it's time to move to Dubai or Fiji

And Australia is miles away.

@MORBIDASF literally if the tories win im going to move to australia where cameron cant do anything more to fuck up my future

Antigua has some lovely beaches.

If conservatives actually win I'm gonna move my family back to Antigua bye friends

Ilinda and Safiya can become best friends there.

Literally better start packing my bags to move to Antigua after this election #GE2015 😭😭

Morocco has wonderful food.

Genuinely nervous about this election. Tomorrow may be the day I move to Morocco

Kasto80 / Getty Images

Why not start over in Denmark? They've got an election coming up.

@AdlaiM If enough Labour voters move to Denmark, we might tip the upcoming Danish election away from the right. So, come here.

And everybody loves Canada.

if conservatives win i think i'll move to canada, they seem cool

Here is my general election night 2015 guide: - Look at exit polls. - Get a drink. - Move to Canada.

If Canada is too accessible, there's always Greenland.

Looking at the #ExitPolls I feel there is only one option left. And that is to move to Greenland

And if Greenland is too easy to reach, there's always the North Pole.


Goodbye, Labour voters.

Oceanfishing / Getty Images

Goodbye forever.

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