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    After Finding Out Her Fiancé Had Weeks To Live, This Woman Planned Their Perfect Wedding In Just Six Days

    The wedding took place in the hospital's chapel, complete with a personal message from Ed Sheeran to "drink a lot, dance a lot, and have a lot of sex."

    When Laura Jordan found out her fiancé Jack had only weeks to live, she planned the perfect wedding in just six days.

    Jack had proposed to Laura, 24, three months ago – and the pair had expected to marry after Jack's recovery.

    The couple, from Brixham, Devon, first met at school as teenagers, and began a relationship in 2012 when Laura would frequently visit the corner shop where Jack worked.

    "I knew the minimum spend on a debit card was five pounds," Laura told Caters News. "So I purposely never took cash so I could take longer choosing things in the shop that would equal over that amount."

    The wedding took place on April 16 at the Torbay Hospital's chapel in Devon.

    Laura told Jack she would wear a smart suit, but surprised him with a traditional white wedding dress instead.

    "He couldn't stop smiling when he saw me walking down the aisle," she said. "I felt like a princess."

    When the couple learned at their wedding that Ed had sent them the personalised message, they were "in total shock." / Via SWNS

    "The whole chapel gasped in unison as soon as it was announced. We are both huge fans. His awkwardness is hilarious to us, but he's our age and proof to never give up."

    The couple had been "devastated" when they realised they would not be able to attend Sheeran perform at Wembley in July, which would be too late. "The tickets will eventually arrive and Jack won't be here," Laura said.

    In his message, Sheeran encouraged the newlyweds to "drink a lot, dance a lot, and have a lot of sex."

    "The day was perfect," Laura said. "Jack was determined to walk on his wedding day despite being completely exhausted due to cancer treatment."

    "I'm so happy that I can call Jack my husband now, we are soul mates and it seemed like the perfect thing to do."

    Jack now hopes to spend his remaining weeks at home with his new wife and her young daughter, Lilly.