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People Are Going Wild For The Raw Sexuality Of Ed Miliband

Apparently hot Ed Miliband is a thing now?

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You get me hot under the hijab @Ed_Miliband


It's all a bit confusing.

...y do i find Ed Miliband sorta attractive...???

When did @Ed_Miliband get so freaking hot?! #leadersdebate

But it seems to be happening.

Ed Miliband there, trying to seduce us through the TV. Sexy. #leadersdebate

ed miliband is a wank but a bit sexy


They're into his hair.

Why has no one asked about Ed Miliband's sexy Rogue-From-X-Men grey streak? It's all I care about tbh.

Is he trying to set our loins on fire?

Or is it effortless?

Look into my eyes, the eyes, the eyes, not around the eyes, don't look around my eyes, look into my eyes, you're under ~ Ed #leadersdebate

Maybe it's his tie??

Miliband is wearing his sexy grey tie #leadersdebate


I mean, we knew he likes a relatively spicy curry.

Facebook: video.php

Maybe it's his certain special way of looking right at the camera?

It's like he's looking right at us.

Miliband is totally talking to me and no one else, you sexy beast. Keep staring down the camera Ed! #leadersdebate



Stop it!

The people have spoken, and the verdict is 😍

Damn, Ed Miliband's seriously hot stuff 😍 #leadersdebate

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