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15 Easy And Healthy Meals For When You're Completely Broke

Just because it's the end of the month, doesn't mean you have to head to Maccy D's.

1. Make a boatload of vegetarian chili.

2. Make an enormous vat of lentil soup.

3. Experience the budget-friendly wonder of barley risotto.

4. Cook an actual mountain of couscous.

5. Dive into an ocean of carrot soup.

6. Fill up on an omelette.

7. Eat the breakfast burrito of your dreams.

8. Stuff a baked potato with some vegetables.

9. Make all of the macaroni.

10. Fill your poor, hungry body with tuna pasta salad.

11. Cook a cheap vegetarian curry and imagine that you can afford restaurants.

12. Add salad-y things to your usual ramen to make yourself seem less desperate.

13. Roast a magnificent tray of vegetables.

14. Stick cut-up sausages and vegetables on a skewer and call it a kebab.

15. Soak up the delicious, life-giving protein of a chicken casserole.

A previous version of this post incorrectly referred to lentils as a grain. An astute commenter pointed out that lentils are, of course, a legume rather than a grain. BuzzFeed regrets the error.