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    17 Cooking Hacks You Can Learn In Just Six Seconds

    Whether you're a master chef or just want to heat up some leftovers, you can learn these kitchen tricks in no time at all.

    1. Make whipped cream in a water bottle.

    Cream = hacked.

    2. Put a heart in your pancake.

    Pancake = hacked.

    3. Make your bacon curly by dipping it in cold water before it goes in the pan.

    Bacon = hacked.

    4. Barbeque a better burger by pressing a little dimple into it.

    Burger = hacked.

    5. Julienne your basil.

    Basil = julienned aka chopped fancy aka HACKED.

    6. Make grilled cheese in a frying pan.

    Hack that grilled cheese. Hack it slow and hack it good.

    7. Get the stains out of your coffee pot using ice and salt.

    Because cleaning is a part of cooking. Or coffee drinking. Shush. It's a hack.

    8. Keep your cookbook open, clean and out of the way using a hanger.

    Your cookbook just got hacked.

    9. Make delicious smores at home without an open fire.

    You'll never have to go camping again.

    10. Cooking with egg whites only? Separate your yolks using a plastic water bottle.

    That's all, yolks.

    11. Reheat old chips that won't be soggy.

    12. Revive your leftover pizza in one of three ways. Number one: fry it upside-down in a pan.

    13. Two: Microwave a slice with a glass of water.

    14. Three: Heat it in a frying pan with a little tin foil hat.

    15. Save your leftover pasta in a way that won't be sticky when you re-heat it later.

    16. Don't waste the tiny remains of your Nutella jar! Make delicious hazelnut chocolate milk instead.

    17. Make an easy breakfast quiche using bacon instead of pastry crust.

    Hack and enjoy!

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