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    12 Completely WTF Jobs From British History

    "Mondays, amirite?" – A person whose job it is to shovel human shit

    1. Rat catcher

    One famous rat catcher of Victorian times was chronicled by journalist Henry Mayhew in his book London Labour and the London Poor. His name was Jack Black, and he's seen here with his trusty rat-murdering terrier.

    Some rat catchers, such as this little girl, would also use ferrets to catch rats. What she lacked in educational opportunity, she more than made up for in cages of bloodthirsty rats.

    This official government rat catcher from the 1920s, Thomas Wellman, didn't need ferrets or terriers to help him – he would just whack them with a stick.

    2. Sin-eater

    "Let's crack open a brewski over old man Nathaniel. It's what he would have wanted."

    3. Resurrectionist

    Two famous fictional resurrectionists are Dickens characters from A Tale of Two Cities: Jerry Cruncher and his son Young Jerry Cruncher. A great name for a son.

    And here's an illustration of some resurrectionists from 1887 who seem to be doing a bit of simultaneous sin-eating.

    "It's what he would have wanted."

    4. Mudlark

    Anyway, here's a drawing of some handsome mudlarks from the 1870s.

    Hey, isn't that your new boyfriend?

    5. Sewer-hunter, aka tosher

    6. Whipping boy

    7. Gong farmer

    "Just off with our poo to the market!"

    8. Groom of the stool

    Look upon this 17th-century toilet and be grateful for modern plumbing.

    9. Crossing sweeper

    Here's a hilarious joke from 1853 featuring a crossing sweeper:

    10. Knocker upper

    Some knocker uppers opted for a pea shooter instead of a long stick, like this fine lady, Mary Smith.

    But who would knock up the knocker uppers?

    11. Knockknobbler

    Look at these religious doggos!!

    Look at these creatures being blessed!

    Look at the bunnies!

    Anyway. Knockknobblers would use whips, or even these things called dog tongs, to get rid of unruly strays:

    12. Taster

    On the one hand, the taster got to try some nice wines!

    But on the other...the server might die of poisoning.