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    Can You Say "Hitler" As Much As Ken Livingstone?

    Ken Livingstone's pulled a Ken Livingstone again today. But how many times can YOU type "Hitler" in a minute?

    Ken Livingstone went on the telly today to discuss election results, and, somehow, managed to bring up Hitler once again.

    Sky News

    It's kind of become his ~thing~ since last week, when some comments about World War II led him to hide in a disabled loo as the nation's press questioned him through the door about Hitler.

    Sky News

    Since then he just...keeps bringing up Hitler.

    Ken Livingstone Bingo is literally a grid of 16 squares, all of them with the word Hitler in them

    He can't be stopped.

    But are YOU a match for Ken's Hitler-mentioning abilities? Take our Hitler typing challenge!

    Images: Sky News

    Go on and make Ken proud.