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Can You Guess How Old These Kittens Are?

There's a whole science behind working out how many weeks old a kitt... Oh god, they're so fluffffyyyyyy and small and aaahhHHHHHH!

  1. 1. How old is Tickles the kitten?

    Ckahler / Via
  2. 2. How old is this sleepy boy?

    Pieter & Renée Lanser / Via Flickr: titrans
  3. 3. For how many weeks has this kitten been in the world?

    Christian Holmér / Via Flickr: crsan
  4. 4. How old is this kitty cat?

    André Karwath / Via
  5. 5. How old is this playful puss?

    plizzba / Via Flickr: plizzba
  6. 6. How about this little one?

    http://Rudolph.A.furtado / Via
  7. 7. How many weeks old is this fuzzy little bear?

    Sharon Francis / Via Flickr: shazzywazzy2010
  8. 8. How old is this baby?

    Tim Bartel / Via
  9. 9. How old is this frisky fella?

    Tar Dániel / Via
  10. 10. How old is this lil' baby pussy cat with his lil' white paw?

    Alpta / Via
  11. 11. How old are these kittens?

    dimensioncr8r / Via
  12. 12. How about these ones?

    Mueller-rech.muenchen / Via
  13. 13. And these?

    clemznboy / Via
  14. 14. Bonus question: Is this kitten the cutest little thing?

    Nicolas Suzor / Via
  15. 15. And here's one more kitten.

    Alena Pasheva / Via

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