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    11 British Condiments America Needs

    Americans, you are missing out on the taste of BROWN.

    1. OK America. Let's talk about the condiments you're missing. First of all, ever heard of BROWN SAUCE??

    2. Great. Got it. Now, you think you know what pickle is?

    Well you're wrong.

    THIS is pickle. You may not like it, but this is what peak pickle performance looks like.

    3. Next up: Nando's peri-peri sauce.

    4. Or you can have lemon & herb, if you're not as susceptible to peer pressure.

    5. Anyway, if you like your condiments to be highly divisive, Marmite's the one for you!

    6. Say it with me: Worcestershire Sauce.

    7. And then there's Reggae Reggae sauce.

    8. Do you ever eat lamb and wish it were more toothpaste-y, in a nice way?

    9. Moving on. Look, you haven't lived until you've bellowed down a sturdy wooden dining table to your wife of 40 years, "DO PASS THE BRAMLEY APPLE SAUCE, DARLING."

    10. English mustard, here to fuck you right up.

    11. And finally, a CONTROVERSIAL CONDIMENT: salad cream.