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34 Borderline Erotic Photos For People Who Love Stationery

Come to me, pens.

1. These vintage pencil boxes.

2. This guy's personal stationery.

3. A stamp to make your own business cards.

4. Or this stamp to help you feel even more smug about sending real letters.

5. This classy tease of a stationery box.

6. These beautifully-addressed letters.

7. A blue coloured pencil.

8. Plain brown notebooks.

9. Some guy who has opinions about each one of these pens.

10. Just some really nice writing paper.

11. Simple initialled cards sitting perfectly in their boxes.

12. Everything that's happening here.

13. This writing, in combination with these stamps, plus the fact that it's going to Charles Baudelaire IRL.

14. This close-up of some letterpress printing.

15. A letterpress printed label.

16. This person's desk.

17. String.

18. Tiny string and button envelopes.

19. Twine.

20. Mismatched cards and envelopes.

21. These colours.

22. This beautiful stationery shop.

23. Clips.

24. Crayons.

25. Travel notebooks.

26. These little cards, especially the mushroom ones.

27. This ridiculous bounty of choices.

28. The carefully dishevelled items on this desk.

29. These pen caps.

30. Whatever perfect thing happened in this dark room filled with stationery.

31. Leather.

32. Matching things.

33. And, of course, paper. Just paper.

34. Oh, stationery. How satisfying you are.