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34 Borderline Erotic Photos For People Who Love Stationery

Come to me, pens.

1. These vintage pencil boxes.

Taki Steve / Via Flickr: 13519089@N03 / Creative Commons

Oh yes. That's nice.

2. This guy's personal stationery.

Cory Gibbons / Via

Those right angles don't lie.

3. A stamp to make your own business cards.

4. Or this stamp to help you feel even more smug about sending real letters.

Smug is beautiful.

5. This classy tease of a stationery box. / Via

Look at the tiny envelopes. Look at them.

6. These beautifully-addressed letters. / Via

Is it possible to take a bath in these letters?

7. A blue coloured pencil.

Geraint Rowland / Via Flickr: geezaweezer

It's looking right at you.

8. Plain brown notebooks.

9. Some guy who has opinions about each one of these pens.

Mike Rohde / Via Flickr: rohdesign

Bless you, some guy.

10. Just some really nice writing paper.

11. Simple initialled cards sitting perfectly in their boxes.

Missive Press / / Via Flickr: missivepress / Creative Commons

12. Everything that's happening here.

Flood G. / Via Flickr: _flood_

The box, the colours, the handwriting. Carry on.

13. This writing, in combination with these stamps, plus the fact that it's going to Charles Baudelaire IRL.

14. This close-up of some letterpress printing.

artnoose / Via Flickr: artnoose / Creative Commons

Oh my.

15. A letterpress printed label.

Sarah Parrott / Via Flickr: thingsarebetterwithaparrott / Creative Commons

Abbey, you lucky thing.

16. This person's desk.

Thomas Huang / Via Flickr: thomas-h / Creative Commons

17. String.

18. Tiny string and button envelopes.

19. Twine.

jcbonbon / Via Flickr: juniperberry / Creative Commons

20. Mismatched cards and envelopes.

~Diana / Via Flickr: prettycooljewels / Creative Commons

So rebellious. So dangerous.

21. These colours.

srgpicker / Via Flickr: srgblog / Creative Commons

22. This beautiful stationery shop.

Louisa Billeter / Via Flickr: louisa_catlover

23. Clips.

Robert Parviainen / Via Flickr: rtv / Creative Commons

24. Crayons.

Hisako TANAKA / Via Flickr: hichako / Creative Commons


25. Travel notebooks.

Thomas Huang / Via Flickr: thomas-h / Creative Commons

26. These little cards, especially the mushroom ones.

Sarah Parrott / Via Flickr: thingsarebetterwithaparrott / Creative Commons

You'll do just fine, cards.

27. This ridiculous bounty of choices.

Take a deep breath.

28. The carefully dishevelled items on this desk.

Natasha Mileshina / Via Flickr: bubbo-tubbo / Creative Commons

29. These pen caps.

30. Whatever perfect thing happened in this dark room filled with stationery.

Jae Lee / Via Flickr: 91650159@N05 / Creative Commons

31. Leather.

cai~cai~ / Via Flickr: dereck / Creative Commons

32. Matching things.

laura redburn / / Via Flickr: cardboardcities / Creative Commons

33. And, of course, paper. Just paper.

artnoose / Via Flickr: artnoose / Creative Commons

34. Oh, stationery. How satisfying you are.

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