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Boris Johnson Looked Weirdly Like Bane While Grinding Some Steel

He's unveiled a really ugly (and inaccurate) sign for a pro-Brexit stunt.

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Boris Johnson was at a steelworks in Dorset today to do a bit of construction work.

We're about to watch Boris Johnson carve the numbers "£350m" into steel, to reflect money going to EU. These are exciting times

There are a couple of issues with the sign Boris was grinding. Firstly, the figure of £350,000,000 per week sent to the EU is not exactly true, as Boris himself has admitted.

The scene is set for Boris to grind his message in steel...


But secondly, it''s just a really ugly sign. I mean look at it.

In the grim Brexit future, there will be no typographers.

I mean look at this p: This p is clearly a lower-case p at the wrong size pretending to be an upper-case P and just kind of sitting there like a twat.


Anyway, unsurprisingly, people are taking the piss.

Boris down there, preparing to announce new Telegraph column deal

It doesn't help that Boris dressed up like this.

"From the family tree of old school HIP HOP / Kick off your shoes and relax your SOCKS"


Nobody could quite work out what he looked like.

Boris Johnson AKA the 2-1 B surgical droid

There were quite a few options.

I mean.

This probably wasn't the look he was going for.

Or maybe it was.

Boris does his best Bane impression "No one cared who I was until I put on the mask"