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25 Times The Internet Reacted Perfectly To Sepp Blatter's Resignation

The internet is more than a little pleased at the news that FIFA president Sepp Blatter will step down.

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1. Lots of football fans are rather pleased that Sepp Blatter will step down as president of FIFA and is calling for new elections.

2. In fact, they're more than a little pleased.

Sepp Blatter has resigned!

3. People have plenty of ideas about what Blatter's resignation might have looked like. Like this, for example.

4. Or like this.


5. Or it might have looked a lot like this.

Finally, football has managed to get rid of #Blatter

6. He probably made this face at some point today.

Blatter loses #FIFA Game Of Thrones #WinterWorldCupIsComing

7. But he might be feeling comforted by his loved ones at home.

President of FIFA Sepp #Blatter resigns to spend more time with his loved ones.


Sepp Blatter is retiring to spend more time with his money.


9. This news is also basically a last call for Blatter puns.

Sepp Blatter resigned so if you didn't get any name jokes in yet, now's your chance. I'll get the ball rolling. BLATT'S ALL FOLKS



Congratulations to Billie Joe Armstrong of Green Day, who famously sang "Wake me up when Sepp's tenure ends."

12. Some wonder if this might not be the last we see of Blatter.

Sepp Blatter at the next election, presumably



"Hello, my name is Mr. Rettalb, and I would like to stand for president of FIFA."

14. Or if he might even pull a Nigel.

"Nigel? It's Sepp Blatter here. I need some advice..."

15. Some, though, are just in shock.

Blatter has resigned. Can't quite believe it. FIFA always appeared to be such a fine upstanding organisation.


Stay strong, Gary. 💔


17. Perhaps it was just an injury?

Sepp Blatter steps down with a severe case of Redknapp's Knee

18. People imagined what things might look like at FIFA right now...

Black smoke rises from the back of FIFA HQ indicating the ceremonial burning of the documents.


20. This 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 🇺🇸 GIF is a thank you to the US for its role in taking down Blatter.

Thanks America from all football fans..


21. Here's an alternate vision of what it might have looked like when the US attorney general took on FIFA corruption.

BREAKING: Footage of Loretta Lynch taking on Sepp Blatter

22. Troubled Morrissey weighed in.

He was crooked in his job and then he left his job and heaven knows we're less miserable now. #Blatter

23. And, of course, the whole thing was seen as a perfect opportunity to revisit a classic Sepp Blatter moment.

Perfect time to show Sepp #Blatter falling off a stage again. Enjoy.

24. (And the GIF of what happened next.)

You probably haven't seen what happened after Sepp Blatter fell off the stage

25. So long, Sepp.

Please show some respect for Sepp Blatter as he resigns and don't RT this photo, he would hate that.

It's been real.