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    This Artist's Posters Capture The Hope And The Heartbreak Of The Syrian Conflict

    Fares Cachoux's striking designs illustrate three and a half years of bloody uprising in Syria.

    Fares Cachoux is an artist and graphic designer from Homs, Syria. In this series of posters, he hopes to preserve the memory of the places, the people, and the tragedies of the ongoing conflict in Syria.

    "Each poster is a cry," he told BuzzFeed, "which hopefully will reach somebody's ears, so that they can know, maybe years from now, what happened in Syria.

    "For the moment, the sound of weapons is dominating, but when all that stops, these posters will help to keep the story of Syrian people alive."

    "The People"



    "Hamza is Prettier Than You"

    "Al Houla — The Massacre"

    "The Fifth Speech"

    "The Battle of Aleppo"

    "Jabhat al-Nusra"

    "Da'esh (ISIS/ISIL)"


    "The Caliph"

    In another collection, titled The Syrians, Cachoux commemorates several other bloody moments from the last few years of turmoil in Syria.

    "Syrian on the Riverbank"

    "A Syrian Buying Bread"

    "A Class of Students From the Faculty of Architecture"

    Some of Cachoux's designs show hope for Syria's future, such as this one, which reads, "Damascus will be colourful again."

    And this one, which says, "Aleppo will be colourful again."

    And finally this poster, referring to the city of the artist's birth, which reads, "Homs will be colourful again."

    More of Fares Cachoux's designs and photography can be found on his website.